Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Who’s Older Than YouCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Who’s Older Than You

By Shannon Seibert

An age gap doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something missing from the relationship, in fact sometimes it brings a couple closer together. It may be cheesy but the phrase “Age is only a number” is actually quite accurate. Who you fall in love with isn’t your choice, it’s a matter of the heart and soul. If you find someone who you just instantly click with, it shouldn’t matter what decade you were born in. Check out our top five reasons why you should date someone who is older than you and feel confident about your loving relationship:

1. You can offer each other a new perspective: Your significant other is someone who you can confide in, and sometimes an age gap allows you to receive a different reaction to a situation other than your own. This way you can use your significant other for guidance and support in your decision-making. As they have generally had more life-rexperiences you will be able to feel confident that they know what they’re talking about. In turn, you can also “keep him young” by being adventurous with him. Try out new date ideas, travel together, or anything else that he may not have done on his own.

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2.  He will have a sense of maturity: It seems to be a rare trait that is hard to find, and just because he’s a man, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a little boy underneath. Women naturally mature faster than men, they experience more rapid brain growth and development. This is why women traditionally date older. Sometimes we are faced with serious circumstances in life that you’ll need to lean on your partner.

3. He will most likely be more financially stable: When you’re young, it’s easy to make whimsical purchases on pay day. With your older guy, he may know a thing or two about having a large savings account. This gives your man a lot of credibility because balancing your finances is a good quality to look for. This means he will be able to provide for you and support you if your relationship were to take the next step. Also, your dates will probably a lot nicer than just dinner and a movie.

4. An older man knows chivalry: Chivalry isn’t dead, ladies, it just may be a few years ahead. He’s been in the dating game for a quite a while and now he knows what he wants. There won’t be any games, or second guessing, he will treat you like the lady you are. In your generation you may not have a lot of doors opened for you, but when you date older this simple gesture of feminine appreciation is the first of many.

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5. They’re better at sex: Not that these criteria are in any particular order, but this is definitely one of the important ones. People neglect sexual chemistry as an important quality of a relationship, saying “It’s not all about the sex,” but in reality, sex is pretty significant. Sex allows you to reach a whole new level of intimacy that just emotional attachments cannot equate to. It’s the synchronization of the emotional and physical chemistry that can mold the most beautiful forms of love. Older men are generally more experienced in the bedroom, so let him spoil you. This being said, you could also learn a thing or two from him!

Are you dating someone older? Share with us why you don’t mind an age gap in the comments below!