Cupid's Pulse Article: Celeb Brad Pitt Says Fatherhood Has Made Him a Better ManCupid's Pulse Article: Celeb Brad Pitt Says Fatherhood Has Made Him a Better Man

By Jennifer Ross

When Brad Pitt reflects back on 2012, what pattern does he see? “It’s been a family type of year, a down-home type of year,” the celeb recently reported to People. As Pitt, 49, spoke about his family, while having dinner in his London rental with twins Knox and Vivienne, he didn’t let out all the details about his upcoming celebrity wedding to fiancée Angelina Jolie. However, he did say that the wedding theme will be “just family…keep it simple — really.” One thing the Killing Them Softly actor confirms is that fatherhood has “absolutely” made him a better man. With regards to what he has planned for his time before turning 50 next year, the celeb simply says, “I want to enjoy this year more than ever.”

This celeb and father of six seems to be handling parenthood just fine. How do you know if your partner is cut out for parenthood?

Cupid’s Advice:

The truth is, you really can’t know if your partner is going to be a great parent until they become one. However, there are basic skills a person should have when raising children that they show prior to becoming a mom or dad. To help ease your worries, here are a few clues to look for that can tell you your partner has parent potential:

1. Patience: Having patience is a great indicator of someone being able to handle parenthood. Let’s face it: If your partner cannot be patient around adults, like the time when a friend has one too many drinks and your mate is stuck babysitting them, then they won’t last around children.

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2. Flexible and fun: Because children require so much attention, having a partner with the ability to be flexible and fun will help everyone involved. This means that your significant other is alright with plans not going as scheduled and seeing the humor in stressful situations.

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3. Compassionate: A way to see if your partner is compassionate is to see how they react when someone is hurt or angry. Does your beau ignore them or try to empathize by lending a shoulder to cry on? To have someone with compassion is a big help for your relationship and love. Plus, it’s an important parenting skill.

How did you know your partner would make a great parent? Tell us below.