Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Preparing for ParenthoodCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Preparing for Parenthood

By Maria Darbenzio

Spring has always been known as a time for new beginnings. If you and your partner are expecting a baby, it’s best to be prepared in every sense of the word. Whether this is your first or fourth child, it helps to read up on pregnancy and parenting. We pulled together five articles from our partners to help you on the journey ahead:

1. Go green: Earth day is right around the corner, and these celebrity moms are doing everything they can to do their part. Whether it’s eating organic or purchasing recycled goods, every little bit can help protect Mother Nature, so why not get your children started young? Simple choices, such as cloth diapering, can go a long way. (

2. Stay active: Being the healthiest you can be can be incredibly important to both you and your unborn child. While you won’t be able to go hard at the gym anymore, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your workout altogether. Check out this set of pregnancy friendly exercise moves to keep you active and moving. (

3. Break from routine: When it comes to raising a family, it’s easy to get comfortable and find yourself in the same routine. In order to become a better parent — or person in general — sometimes, you need to break from that routine and walk a different path. This can include anything from physical activities to expressing unique ideas and opinions. If you’re confident in yourself, your children will grow up with you as a role model and structure themselves in the same way. (

4. Sleep train your infant: It’s no secret that the first few months are going to be full of sleepless nights, but at four months, the baby is developmentally ready to be put on a schedule. That means sleeping peacefully through the night for both you and your little one. What parent doesn’t want that? Take a look at this article to find out more! (

5. Live your dreams: Some people put a lot of focus into becoming a parent. Comedian Mike Myers was no different. In the previous years, he stated that fatherhood was something he always dreamed of. His wife has made that possible for him — not once, but twice. The couple welcomed a son in 2011 and a daughter earlier this week. (

In what ways did you prepare for a baby? Let us know in the comments below!