Cupid's Pulse Article: Olivia Wilde Discusses the Pros and Cons of ParenthoodCupid's Pulse Article: Olivia Wilde Discusses the Pros and Cons of Parenthood

By Sanetra Richards

The cuteness is never-ending! According to, new mom Olivia Wilde was all smiles while telling UsWeekly about fiance Jason Sudeikis and their baby boy, Otis, while at the Cinema Society & Revlon Host a Screening of Third Person event in the Big Apple on Tuesday, June 17th. “It’s such a joy to watch them laughing and smiling together. It’s the best feeling in the world,” said the 30-year-old actress about parenthood. “I look forward to when Jason can start reading to Otis because then, the best thing ever, is when your dad is reading to you and does all the characters from the books.” “That was my favorite,” she gushed. “My dad would do all the characters from the Roald Dahl books and I thought he was a genius! And so I really can’t wait for that moment with Jason and Otis.” The couple welcomed their son in April and have enjoyed every moment of parenthood since – although Olivia’s first national mommy holiday was absolutely horrendous, as she spent it in Central Park: “I had this image of Central Park being completely empty, just rolling meadows, one person a mile away flying a kit, some balloons. So [Sudeikis] says, ‘Yeah, we can do that,'” she told Late Show’s David Letterman on Tuesday. “So we go up there and it’s hell. It’s more packed. Everybody in the world is in Central Park that day. It also happened to be Japan Day, which it turns out is a huge deal in New York City.” She continued, “I had the image of the picnic and everything would be so lovely. There would be flowers and the baby would be cooing and I would be the glorious mother. Instead — we were sweating, and angry and hungry. Everyone had to pee. I finally just dropped to the ground on a patch of dirt, like in between two ugly roads, and then just ripped off the diaper of the kid to change him and he just pooped everywhere. Like a torrent, a flood!”

What are some ways having a child can improve your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although parenthood comes along with many tasks and challenges on a daily basis, the rewards are much greater. When two people decide to have a child together, every single thing changes … and it could be for better or worse. Cupid has a few ways on how the pros can definitely outweigh the cons:

1. Two become one: The both of you created one tiny human that you will be responsible for forever (or in some cases, until they are 18). If there was never a time where working as team was a number one priority, the time is now. You will spend hours, days, and years learning the ins and outs of parenting together. Also, you will learn even more about each other, such as, beliefs, morals, and in depth behavior. You will reach heights in your relationship that you may have thought were never possible – and it’s all because of that tiny human you nurture together, as a couple.

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2. More communication: Often times, long conversations come attached to the parenting tag. Talks about what the future will hold are inevitable. You and your significant other may begin to question the next step in your relationship, whether that is marriage or continuing to add to your family.  Plus, you will be talking about rotating shifts quite often: who is staying up with the baby, who is changing the diaper, etc.

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3. A deeper connection: After the baby is born, you are now connected to your partner for eternity (a little exaggeration). You form a partnership as parents and as significant others.

How can having a child improve a relationship? Share your thoughts below.