Cupid's Pulse Article: What Your Favorite Summer Song Says About Your Relationship StyleCupid's Pulse Article: What Your Favorite Summer Song Says About Your Relationship Style

By Melissa Tierney and Molly Jacob

Almost everyone has a song that reminds them of summer.  Whether it’s a tune you jam to in the car, or a melody repeating on your IPod, summer anthems represent a piece of who you are and how you think, particularly when it comes to love. That’s why we’ve taken a look at this summer’s hottest hits and analyzed what we think they mean about your relationship style.

Check out what we’ve come up with below:

1. ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5: If you crank up the volume when this song starts playing, then you’re probably in a passionate and dependent relationship. You crave your significant other like sugar, and you just “need a little sweetness” in your life. You may be in desperate need of attention from your partner; when all else goes wrong in your life, you just need “one little taste” of their love.

2. ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd: If you’re into this summer hit, you’re a tragic lover. You love being in a whirlwind romance and think that “misery is necessary when we’re deep in love.” Your significant other is more than just your baby, they’re the “death” of you. Dating advice: don’t take dating so seriously; it can be fun, too!

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3. ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI: This fun song has been playing over the radios nonstop this summer and if you find yourself grooving along, you’re in a great relationship. You’ve found someone who is there to support you and to give you “love and affection”! Dating advice: keep your “cheerleader” close to you well past the end of the summer.

4. Shut Up and Dance With Me’ by Walk The Moon: Obsessed with this song? If so, you’ve probably been dancin’ the summer away! This upbeat song is all about letting go of your troubles and hesitations, and enjoying the moment. Perhaps you’re hitting the town in your “backless dress and some beat up sneaks” or you’re just grooving with your baby, but no matter what, you’re just enjoying summer as it comes. Love advice: keep enjoying yourself, but know when to settle down and get serious with someone!

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5. ‘Honey I’m Good’ by Andy Grammer: This song is all about someone enjoying their night out on the town and avoiding the temptation of “those long, long legs.” But if you’re into this song, you’re all about being faithful in relationships and love. You’re all about being devoted to the person you have waiting for you back at home!

What do you think your favorite summer song says about your relationship style? Share your thoughts below!