Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: 5 Signs You’re in a Lukewarm RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: 5 Signs You’re in a Lukewarm Relationship

By Molly Jacob

Are you afraid you’ve been settling in your relationship? Some people love the security of having a significant other and have a hard time being alone. So in exchange for the uncertainty of single life, they stay in a tepid, dispassionate relationship. Although it may be hard to deal with the fact that your relationship isn’t that great, it’s important to evaluate your relationship and never give yourself less than you deserve in your relationships and love life. Take this love advice: you should never settle for anything less than the most fulfilling relationships.

Cupid has dating and relationship advice to help you determine if you’re in a lukewarm relationship!

1. You spend less time together:

When you are passionately in love with someone, you always want to be around them. You want to experience new things with them and show them the best parts of your world. But as your relationship and love grows from hot to lukewarm, you have less of that desire to spend time with them. Instead of looking forward to your dates or alone time together, you feel as though your one-on-one time is an obligation, not a treat. Your relationships and love life should be one of the most wonderful and fulfilling parts of your life, not just something to check off a to-do list.

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2. You’re less intimate:

Intimacy adds passion and depth to a relationship. If your sex life is cooling down, your relationship may be experiencing the same thing. But this is about more than just sex; being intimate means not only being physically close, but also emotionally close. Are you sharing less of yourself with your honey? Are you closing yourself off emotionally? If so, take our dating and relationship advice that your relationship is losing its passion.

3. You never fight:

Some couples never fight and always seem to get along, and that can be a totally healthy relationship. But to a certain extent, couples argue because they care about each other. Oftentimes, couples who argue are fighting to repair a relationship or finding a solution to relationship troubles. If you find your partner not even worth the trouble of arguing with, you may be in a lukewarm relationship. As they say, apathy, not hate, is the opposite of love.

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4. You talk less:

If you find yourself communicating less and less with your partner, your relationship may be lukewarm. While you once discussed your passions and deep emotions, your conversations are now filled with recounts of grocery shopping and dentist appointments. While it’s not bad to talk about these things, it’s also a sign of an unhealthy relationship when that’s all you have to talk about. See if you find yourself making conversation just for the sake of filling the silence at dinnertime.

5.You care less about each other:

Relationships and love should be exciting and consuming, not half-hearted or mundane. While this may go without saying, if you find yourself caring less about your partner and what’s going on in their lives, your relationship has gone from simmering to lukewarm. If this is true, take time to evaluate the benefits of being in this relationship. Love advice: you deserve better than settling for a relationship that doesn’t bring you happiness.

What are other signs of a lukewarm relationship? Let us know in the comments section below!