Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: What Your Sleeping Position with Your Partner Says About YouCupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: What Your Sleeping Position with Your Partner Says About You

By Molly Jacob

How well do you sleep? With relationships and love, your sleeping position can mean more than just whatever position you find most comfortable in your king-sized bed. How you sleep with your sweetheart could say a lot about you and your relationship. Looking for some dating advice for your relationship?

Keep reading to see what love advice Cupid’s Pulse has about what your sleeping position with your partner really means!

1. You’re the big spoon:
The classic spoon, while not that common among sleeping positions for couples, can say a lot about your relationship and love life. If you’re the big spoon, you’re the protective one in the relationship. You want to keep your significant other safe and secure, even as you drift off to Dreamland. Dating advice: don’t feel like you always have to be protecting your partner, and make sure they’re getting all the space they need in the relationship!

2. You’re the little spoon:
If you’re the little spoon in this sleeping position, you’re the one who is being protected. You are more dependent on your significant other and you feel safe with them. Love advice: sometimes your partner might want to feel protected, too! See how you can make them feel safe and comfortable in your relationship, instead of being too dependent on them and their security.

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3. You’re intertwined:
You and your partner wrap your arms and legs around each other every night and stay tangled in each other throughout your sleep. This could be a sign that your relationship is very close and almost suffocating. You both could be relying on each other too much, which is why, even in sleep, you find that you need to be as close as possible.

4. You take up the bed:
Some people need as much space possible when they sleep. Although your sleep position doesn’t necessarily correlate to your relationship and love with your partner, if you find yourself consistently pushing your partner off the bed, be wary of this sleep pattern. Dating advice: take a look at whether you’re being too dominant in your relationship.

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5. You sleep on opposite sides of the bed:
This position is probably the most common among couples. If you stay on separate sides of the bed and face away from each other, this may be a sign that you both are independent and confident in the area of relationships and love. You both feel secure enough in your relationship not to be all over each other.

Do you agree with this dating advice? What position do you and your partner sleep in? Let us know in the comments below!