Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Signs You Really Need Couples Counseling (and Why It’s Not a Bad Thing!)Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Signs You Really Need Couples Counseling (and Why It’s Not a Bad Thing!)

By Molly Jacob

Sick of all the fights, cold shoulders, and disappointments in your relationship and love life, but still think it’s worth saving? It may be time to visit a therapist with your significant other, and in terms of practical love advice, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Going to counseling is one of the best ways to save your relationship, and you might find that your it becomes stronger after this rough patch is over. But, how do you know if you need couples’ counseling?

See what relationship advice Cupid has for you as signs that you really need couples counseling!

1. You’re not as affectionate:

If you’ve been less intimate or less emotional with one another, it may be time to go visit a therapist. Every couple goes through dry spells, but usually a lack of intimacy is the sign of a deeper issue, such as a lack of trust or comfort in the relationship.

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2. You keep things from another:

Relationships and love thrive when you are open with your partner. If you’re keeping things from him or her, such as hiding the credit card bill, it could be a sign your relationship isn’t healthy. It’s important to see a therapist who can help you open up to one another, something that can be accomplished with more trust, understanding, and communication.

3. You think the OTHER person is the issue:

Not being able to recognize that there are two sides to every story could be a reason your relationship is in trouble. Yes, it may seem like your partner is the one who has been causing problems, but it’s important that you take a look at yourself and see where you can improve, too. Relationships and love are all about compromise, so look to a therapist for relationship advice about how to achieve this balance.

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4. You don’t speak up:

The classic love advice about communication being the key to a healthy relationship is true. You may feel as though there is an issue in your relationship, but you keep it to yourself because you are afraid of the fight that could happen if you speak up. No one should feel this way in a loving relationship; you should feel comfortable enough to express your feelings. A therapist can give you the love advice you need to find your voice.

5. You think about having an affair:

You could just be fantasizing about that coworker and have no plans on acting on your thoughts of infidelity, but even just thinking about being unfaithful is a clear indicator that you should go to counseling. When you have an affair, it’s usually because there’s something lacking in your relationship, something you need from them that you just aren’t getting. A therapist can help you identify this issue and communicate it to your partner so you can work to save your relationship and love.

What other signs are indicators that you need couple’s counseling? Let us know by commenting below!