Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: How to Take Care of Your Skin in Cold WeatherCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: How to Take Care of Your Skin in Cold Weather

By Nicole Maher

While winter is a wonderful time of year, it certainly does not do wonders for your skin. Whether it’s the harsh winds outside or the dry air coming from indoor heating, your skin will likely be in need of some extra nurturing this winter. By incorporating some of the following beauty trends into your skincare routine, you will be ready to take on the winter months with skin just as hydrated as it is in the summer. 

Check out these five beauty trends for taking care of your skin during the colder months.

1. Inspect your skin daily: The best way to prevent yourself from experiencing major dry skin or irritation this winter is to inspect your skin regularly. While patches will undoubtedly appear in areas after spending a lot of time outside or in an overly-heated room, monitoring them before they get too big will help with treatment. While your face may be your main focus for treating dry skin this winter,  be sure to keep an eye on your legs and stomach as well as these places are also susceptible to experiencing dryness. 

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2. Prioritize moisturization: No matter your skin type, having a moisturizer in your skincare routine this winter is a must. While you may be tempted to switch to a heavier moisturizer during the winter, it is actually more beneficial to continue using one that works best for your skin type. If you are extremely prone to dry areas during colder weather, talk to a dermatologist about using a medicated moisturizer. If you often experience breakouts or acne from certain products, try finding a moisturizer that does not have an oil-based formula.

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3. Keep wearing sunscreen: Sunscreen is the secret to healthy skin all year long. It may not seem like a priority in the winter because you aren’t spending your afternoons in the hot sun, but the colder temperatures do not make the strength of the sun any weaker. If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, the reflection of the sun on the snow can also lead to harsh sunburns. Be sure to keep a sunscreen-infused moisturizer or makeup primer in your routine this winter to protect your skin just as you would do during the summer months!

4. Watch out for rosy tint: While a rosy tint on your cheeks might be considered cute during the winter, it is actually a sign that your skin needs some help. The pinkish color that appears on your skin is a sign that it is drying out and may eventually lead to dry patches. If your skin begins to turn a darker shade of pink or red, it may be a sign that you have broken capillaries under your skin, which are usually caused by heavy winds. If this is the case, use the beauty trend of natural facemasks, with ingredients such as honey and avocado, to treat the damaged areas.

5. Don’t neglect your lips: One of the most crucial areas of your skin and face to pay attention to this winter is your lips. While having chapped lips are some point is likely inevitable in a colder climate, being sure to treat them and leave the house prepared is a must. Putting a hydrator on your lips before leaving the house in the morning or going to bed at night is a good way of preventing any major dryness. It is also important to carry around some kind of chapstick with you throughout the day to apply as your lips get dryer. Keep you lips hydrated will prevent them from cracking or splitting and causing irritation with the surrounding skin on your face as well. 

What are some other ways to take care of your skin during the colder weather? Start a conversation in the comments below!