Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Looking Your BestCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Looking Your Best

By Nicole Maher

Overnight beauty tips seem to be the most sought out secrets in a world that has become increasingly fast-paced. Not only do people want to wake up feeling and looking their best, but they are also searching for ways to save time in the morning. While the quest for new beauty tricks seems to be endless, there are a few simple steps that will help you along the process. The easiest way to save time is to put in a little bit of prep work the night before, whether you are focusing on your skin, hair, or mindset.

If you are looking for ways to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day throws at you, here are six pieces of overnight beauty advice that will help you out.

Your overnight beauty musts include:

1. Get a good night’s sleep: It sounds simple, but it can be challenging to get a good night of sleep regularly. Whether you are working late, out with friends, or binge watching your new favorite show, it can be easy to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to finish whatever it is you are doing. By making an effort to structure your sleeping schedule, you’ll wake up both looking and feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day.

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2. Wash away the day: Removing makeup and cleansing your skin before falling asleep is an essential step in waking up the next morning looking your best. With so many makeup remover and face wash options on the market, it is also important to find the best fit for your skin. Don’t be afraid to shop around before deciding on a more definite skincare routine. Just because something is the hottest product on the market right now does not mean it’s the best fit for you!

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3. Attack that spot: Despite all of our efforts to keep our face clean and clear, we still may experience a break out occasionally. Spot treatments can be a quick and effective way to clear up any problem areas overnight. They are also a great option if you do not need to use an acne-fighting face wash nightly, or if your skin is particularly sensitive to more aggressive face washes.

4. Bring back the moisture: Applying a moisturizer to your skin at night will help you wake up the next morning looking hydrated and refreshed. Just like with cleansers, it is important to find the best nighttime moisturizer for your skin. Pay attention to if your skin tends to be more oily or dry, and test out different products that cater to those characteristics. 

5. Don’t forget your hair: Styling or prepping your hair at night can help you save time the next morning. Applying a serum or leave-in conditioner after you shower is a great way to add some moisture and shine back into your hair. You can also save time by styling your hair before falling asleep. One option is to pull your damp hair into loose twists or braids before going to bed. The next morning you’ll wake up with beautiful waves, as well as save your hair from any extra heat damage. 

6. Clear your mind: When we think of beauty tips, we typically only consider options that benefit out external appearance. However, our thoughts and emotions can have an effect on how we appear and carry ourselves throughout the day. Before settling into bed for the night, take a few moments to clear your mind and process the events of the day. The less stress you bring into the next day, the better you will look and feel!

What are some other overnight beauty tips that will have you waking up feeling your best? Start a conversation in the comments below!