Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Customized Body CareCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Customized Body Care

By Katie Sotack

Hopefully none of us are a stranger to face wash. Skincare of the face is as ritualized as morning coffee in America. This year the beauty community is encouraging skin care to extend to the whole body. Leg masks, back exfoliators, and general body cleansers have hit the market in an attempt to supple and plump your skin (as well as drain your extra cash). While it’s true this new skin treatment will cost more, it doesn’t mean it comes without its benefits.

Customized body care is the beauty trend that will elevate your skin all over. What are the perks of every shower turning into a spa day?

Body care is all about worshiping every aspect of your skin. Just because your belly isn’t your introduction the world, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be pampered. Commit to caring for your body as a whole and watch your skin look brighter, clearer and healthier within a few weeks:

1. Bacne: Clear skinned shoulder blades always make a fashion statement. Show off your sexy shoulders barren of any red dots or blackheads with back exfoliates that are especially essential to those who condition their long hair. Back acne is a common problem for long haired individuals whose conditioner soaks out of their hair and into their pores. Conditioner clogs skin which should be permeable and encourages back blemishes. Cleansing the shoulders will counteract the clogging conditioner.

2. Bikini bumps: Shaving down there has the averse effect of razor burn garnishing your bikini line. After shaving use a calming body moisturizer to treat the red bumps and ease irritation. Forewarning though, bumps aren’t always razor burn, get checked out by a doctor. And while we’re on the subject of medical care, moisturizers are not for internal use. A clean, lightweight moisture can be useful around the thighs and bikini line, but nothing should be getting up in there.

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3. Ingrown hair: A perk of full body skincare is nixing those frustrating hairs growing underneath the skin; or even worse those hairs that inspire infected red lumps. By routinely exfoliating the skin, ingrown hairs are coaxed out of hiding. Instead of growing inward, the hair will pop straight outward as it should. If you’re prone to trapped hairs, cleanse the areas that bother you most and keep an eye out for the positive effects

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4. Humanize yourself: Remember that you’re a person and people naturally have cellulite, wrinkles, hair, and acne. The real purpose behind the body care beauty trend is to treat yourself. Enjoy the feeling of hydrated, healthy skin, without getting caught up in the looks of things. Celebrate your body as a vessel to experience life in and reward it with healthy skin for doing it’s job.

What’s your skincare routine like? Share in the comments below!