Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Make Your Eyes PopCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Make Your Eyes Pop

By Bonnie Griffin

In recent beauty trends, we’ve seen the smoky eyes, deep eyeliner, rainbow eyes, and now the big trend is fierce smoky wings. In makeup trends, it’s all about making your beautiful eyes pop. If you want to take your eyeliner to the next level, there is no better makeup look than the smoky wing this year, or keep it simple and elegant for work or a simple date night at the movies.

Beauty Trend: Make your eyes pop with smoky wings and other ways to highlight.

If you want to make your makeup stand out, start with the eyes. They say eyes are the windows to your soul. Cupid has some beauty tips that will highlight the beauty of your eyes:

1. Fierce smoky wings: Similar to a smoky eye, smoky winged liner will make your eyes pop and look good no matter your natural eye color. It is great for a night out on the town, and this dark, graphite eyeshadow and liner look is bound to catch the attention of your partner for date night.

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2. Matching makeup: If you want to get the makeup look of the stars, match your eyeshadow to your outfit. Wearing a purple dress out on date night? Match it with purple eyeshadow and for an extra pop, top your eye shadow off with some matching purple glitter. You’ll steal the show with your fashion and beauty sense.

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3. Straight, strong eyeliner: Not ready for a full-on smoky eye or wing? Keep your eyeliner strong with a straight line. This look is best with a light-toned eyeshadow. Then, take your eyeliner straight out from the edge of your eye to add a simple, but elegant effect to your eye makeup. This look is perfect for the day, or a simple date night picnic at the beach.

What are some of your favorite eye makeup trends? Share in the comments below.