Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Shades of GrayCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Shades of Gray

By Mara Miller

Having shades of gray in your wardrobe makes sense, as it gives you a chance to look professional and sophisticated. This is why it’s actually a good color to wear for a job interview. Makeup on the other hand? Say what? Gray makeup has been around for a while, although it hasn’t been an actual beauty trend until now. Beyoncé herself has worn gray lipstick, and we’re going crazy over this celebrity makeup. Even better: there are multiple shades of gray you can find on the market.

If this beauty trend caught your attention, check out a few of the ways we found you can incorporate shades of gray in your makeup look for your next date night!

Follow this beauty advice if you want to test out this smokey look:

1. Lipstick: Gray lipstick is best worn with neutral shades such as more gray or white as Beyoncé modeled in her Instagram photo. Light pastel pinks and light blues may work as well. It looks great with all skin tones, but it’s important to pair this lipstick with neutral shades so you don’t end up looking sick.

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2. Lip Liner: Don’t forget the lip liner! Use this to outline your lips before you apply your lipstick. You can use it like normal lip liner.

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3. Contouring: Gray contouring powder has been around a while. It’s better for fair skin and can be used to add shadows to your cheeks for more definition on your face. Just be careful with some of the powders out there, because they are deeply pigmented.

4. Nail Polish: You can find an array of gray nail polish if you want to test this beauty trend. Unlike gray lipstick, shades of gray nail polish will pair with just about any color you choose to wear (it looks stunning on nails against any shade of red fabric!).

5. Eyeshadow: Chances are, you have a good amount of grays if you’re an eyeshadow addict. Eyeshadow is versatile like nail polish in that it looks great with just about anything. Smoke your eye out with some deep gray/black for an alluring eye look for your date!

6. Eyeliner: You can find eyeliners with different shades of gray. Some might have purple, others might have hints of blue. It’s a great color to try if you’re bored of plain old black or brown.

Do you think you’ll try wearing different shades of gray? Let us know in the comments below!