Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: 2020 Skincare TrendsCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: 2020 Skincare Trends

By Nicole Maher

Whether it’s from our favorite celebrities, our mother, or the person working at our local beauty store, there is no shortage of beauty tips for creating the perfect skincare routine. However, with advice coming from so many different outlets, it can be difficult to decide whose to take. If you are having difficulties finding skincare products that are perfect for you, try incorporating some of these simple beauty tips into your everyday routine. 

2020 has been rough, but the birth of these five skincare beauty tips is a positive.

1. Clean beauty: A beauty trend that has been gaining momentum over the last few years is the use of clean beauty products. These products refrain from using ingredients that are known to be harmful to the human body and focus more on all-natural or low-chemical blends. By including more clean beauty products in your skincare routine, you’ll leave your skin looking healthier longer.  

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2. Weekly at-home facials: Everyone loves a good facial, especially when you can do it at home. While facials can do wonders for your skin, doing it too often can sometimes be harmful. Once a week is a good target in terms of using a peel or giving yourself a facial. You can incorporate the use of facial rollers to help your skin absorb different blends and formulas, or simply massage your face with your hands. 

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3. Personalized products: The best way to make your beauty routine more effective is to customize it to your own needs. From personalized face washes to hair shampoos, there are plenty of companies that offer specialized formulas aimed at helping the areas you’ve specified. Many of these companies offer online quizzes to help you customize your own formulas and allow you to make the necessary adjustments until you have a blend that is perfect for your beauty routine.

4. Chemical-free sunscreens: Sunscreen is another popular skincare product that has been added to many people’s routines over the past few years. However, the best sunscreen options are those that emphasize being a chemical-free product. Similar to clean beauty products, chemical-free sunscreens are safer to use on your skin, as well as being less harmful to the environment. High chemical-based sunscreens have been proven to be detrimental to environmental ecosystems such as the coral reef, and should be avoided whenever possible.  

5. A simpler overall routine: “Less is more” truly is the way to go in terms of skincare. With a new product on the shelves everyday, it can be incredibly tempting to switch up your skincare routine often. Despite this temptation, try to keep your skincare routine as simple and consistent as possible. By changing products constantly, you will end up shocking your skin and cause it to react negatively. Try using between two and four products in your everyday routine with the occasional use of a spot treatment on a problem area. 

What are some other beauty tips to incorporate into your 2020 skincare routine? Start a conversation in the comments below!