Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trends: Date Night Makeup Looks to Match Your StyleCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trends: Date Night Makeup Looks to Match Your Style

By Alycia Williams

When date night finally comes along and you have your outfit picked out and your hair is done, it can be hard to find the right makeup look to match. Whether you want a full face of makeup or a fresh faced look, it all depends on your style. Our beauty tips will help you find the perfect makeup look for your perfect date.

Check out these seven amazing beauty trends for makeup looks to compliment your style:

1. The Fresh Face: Now the fresh face doesn’t mean you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. If you’re looking for a natural and clean face for your date night, then this is your look. A groomed brow, a sharp line of liquid liner, defining mascara and a nude lip stick or lip gloss, can leave your face looking refreshed.

2. The sun-kissed look: Do you want to look like you just came from tanning on the beach? Then this is the look for you. This look is all about using warm tones. Anything from a peachy tone to a bronze tone for eyeshadow with heavy black eyeliner and mascara. Along with some bronze hue on your cheeks, a shimmery golden lipgloss, and a golden highlight on your cheekbones.

3. The bold lip: Whether it’s a fearless red or a romantic berry, if you want to do a bold lip, it has to be the focal point of your look. Regardless of the color that you choose, you should prep your lips beforehand by outlining your lips with a matching pencil to really give it that “wow” factor. Then, match the look with neutral eyeshadow tones and a strong defined brow. A winged eyeliner always compliments the bold lip.

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4. Classic smokey eye: The smokey eye is the go to for any candlelit dinner. Since this look is all about drama it’s important to accentuate the outer part of the eye with a dark eyeshadow and the inner part with a lighter eyeshadow to create the ombre affect. Having a strong brow is important for this look as it outline the eye. Finishing it off with subtle lashes and glossy lip gloss.

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5. The glittery look: If you’re looking to steal the night away with your ultra shiny makeup, then this is your look. Choosing the right eyeshadow is crucial as this will be the prime focus of the look. The color could be nude or it could be a vibrant purple, as long it as it has glitter, gloss, or shine it works for the look. Matching that with a soft brow, and over the top lashes will seal the deal. You can also top it off with a strong highlight on your cheekbone to give your face some more glimmer.

6. The rosy monochrome: This look light, airy, and flirty. A light pink works perfectly for the eyeshadow, keeping it subtle is key for this look. Along with rosy cheeks and a soft pink lipstick or lipgloss. Keep the eyebrows and lashes subtle and not overdone and you can even skip eyeliner for this look. To top it off use a delicate highlighter on your cheekbones and in the corner of your eyes.

7. Bold liner: Using bright colors for eyeliners is a great way to keep all eyes on you, so this is a great date night look. Since you want your liner to stand out almost everything should be nude. The eyeshadow could go a little off the nude palate but not too far keeping everything moderate. No matter what color you choose, it should be applied to either the top of the lid or as under liner, but it shouldn’t be both. To complete this look you’ll just need gentle brows and mascara.

What are some makeup looks that you wear on date night? Comment below!