Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Smokey, Golden, and Monochrome EyesCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Smokey, Golden, and Monochrome Eyes

By Emily Green

Eyeshadow is the key part of any makeup look, and it can really tie any outfit together. As the weather gets colder, following some beauty tricks by matching your smokey, golden or monochrome eyeshadow to your outfit is an awesome way to show off your unique fashion sense. Follow these beauty tips so your eyeshadow will be on point this fall and winter season.

Smokey, golden, and monochrome eyes are a beautiful look that can make a statement with your outfit. What are some of the best places to wear these types of eyeshadow looks?

Smokey, golden, and monochrome eyeshadow looks are definitely intense, and will have heads turning when you walk on by. Of course, you have to pick certain occasions to wear these looks, as not all of them are for everyday! Here are some of Cupid’s favorite occasions to wear smokey, golden, and monochrome eyeshadow looks:

1. Smokey eyes: A smokey eye is one of the classiest makeup looks that anyone can wear. From business meetings to banquets or high profile events, a beautiful smokey eye will make your eyes pop with a sharp gaze that no one will be able to turn away from.

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2. Golden eyes: If you’re looking for a glamorous eye, then a golden eye look is the way to go. Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner or a red carpet event, you can keep the gold subtle or go over the top. Either way, the brightness of the gold will draw people’s eyes to you, and will keep everyone’s eyes on you for the entire night!

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3. Monochrome eyes: A great part of monochrome eye looks is that you can match the color with other parts of your outfit! No matter if you’re going on a date night or just hanging out with your friends, a monochrome eye look is a great way to show that you’re always feeling and looking great, no matter the occasion.

What are some other occasions to wear smokey, golden, and monochrome eyes? Let us know in the comments below!