Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Neon EyeshadowCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Neon Eyeshadow

By Emily Green

Eyeshadow is one of the most eye-catching parts of any makeup look. Many people love to play with their eyeshadow, following different beauty tricks to make their look pop with color. Is there any other way than neon eyeshadow? Follow these beauty tips to make neon eyeshadow make your eyes pop:

Neon eyeshadow is a beauty trend that will make heads turn. What are some of the best places to wear neon eyeshadow?

Everyone should be able to play with their makeup looks, no matter what kind of day they may have. Whether you’re going out with friends or going to a fancy event, neon eyeshadow can be a great addition to your look. Here are some of Cupid’s favorite places to wear neon eyeshadow with this beauty advice:

1. Red Carpet Event: Heading to an event where you know you’re going to get photographed or possibly even interviewed? Adding a neon eyeshadow to your formal look will accentuate all the right features, and most importantly, it will draw everyone up to see your beautiful face!

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2. Banquet/Fancy Dinner: If you’re going to an important banquet or dinner, add a pop of neon eyeshadow.¬†Add some false lashes and volumizing mascara to make your eyes stand out! You’ll show the other guests your fun side beneath your professional exterior.

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3. Beach Day: You and your friends have had this beach day on the calendar for months, and it’s finally here! Adding neon eyeshadow to your beach day look will show you are ready for a day of fun out in the sun.

4. Shopping Trip: Just having a relaxing day out shopping with some friends? It’s the perfect occasion to try out neon eyeshadow with a casual look. You can add just the right amount of color, and you’ll have heads turning as you walk by.

What are some other occasions to wear neon eyeshadow? Let us know in the comments below!