Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Night Makeup: Red Lipstick is HotCupid's Pulse Article: Date Night Makeup: Red Lipstick is Hot

By Hope Ankney

Everyone has that special connection with one of their makeup products or a piece of clothing in their wardrobe. It’s that special connection that only it can give you — the air of confidence, the power of beauty, and the reflection of radiance. So, what is it about red lipstick that has almost become a universal beauty trend that makes anyone that swipes it on feel untouchable? And, why do date nights that feature a red lip feel that much hotter?

Red lipstick has been a powerful beauty tool for ages. Make your date night soar with this pop of color.

The red lip has been one that’s transcended history. Whether it was on royal figures, Disney princesses, or even Kim Kardashian on a dazzling red carpet, the color is the very definition of beauty and grace. It’s earned it’s right to be a timeless and traditional form of feeling gorgeous and confident. If you’re wanting to spice up your next date night, consider a few reasons why a red lip could help with Cupid’s beauty tips:

1. It’s romantic: A red lipstick can automatically turn your look romantic. There’s something about the color that reminds us of passion and love. Allie from The Notebook even rocked a signature red lip. So, if you want to liven up your look right before a date, we recommend keeping the rest of your makeup to a minimum while swiping on a beautiful coat of red lipstick before you rush out the door.

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2. It’s an attention-grabber: It’s no surprise that red lipstick can make a woman feel invincible, but there are also studies that show a red lip is the most attractive color to wear. This hue is bright, bold, and it brings attention to one of the more sensual features of our faces. If you’re wanting to instantly grab the attention of your date the moment they see you, we recommend using a bright, cherry lipstick. No one could resist!

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3. It embodies strength and femininity: The red lipstick has been a classic symbol for strength and beauty within women all throughout history. One of the most powerful women, Cleopatra, was known for her cherry-reddened lips. She would make others crush up thousands of beetles just to get the dark-pigment of this color. It even symbolized her power as she wore a beautiful red lip while her subjects’ wore a dull and rusted tone on theirs. If you’re searching for a color that is classy, polished, and bold for your next date night, pick up a striking red lipstick to feel powerful and in control.

4. It plays up youth: As we get older, our eyes, lips, and complexion get paler. It’s just part of the aging process. But, there is something a red lipstick does that can liven you up and make you look more youthful with a term called ‘facial contrast.’ This contrast is the process of balancing out the paleness of our features with a vibrant color somewhere on our face. By using a striking red lip, it automatically flatters our skin. If you’re wanting to create a more youthful and playful look for date night, we recommend one swipe of your most vibrant red lipstick before you head out!

How has red lipstick made you feel when you’ve worn it? Let us know down below!