Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Justin Timberlake Is Trying to ‘Prove Himself’ to Jessica Biel Post-PDA DramaCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Justin Timberlake Is Trying to ‘Prove Himself’ to Jessica Biel Post-PDA Drama

By Ellie Rice

In the latest celebrity couple news, Justin Timberlake has been in hot water after pictures surfaced of him getting cozy with his Palmer costar in New Orleans this past November. Timberlake has been married to actress Jessica Biel for over seven years and they have a child together. According to, Timberlake is doing everything he can to earn back his wife’s trust. We hope they can rebuild their relationship and not become the next pair of celebrity exes!

In celebrity couple news, Justin Timberlake is doing his best to come back from displays of PDA with a co-star who was not his wife. What are some ways to regain trust in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Rebuilding trust within a relationship can be difficult, but potentially worth it with the right person. Cupid has some advice on how to repair your relationship:

1. Figure out what went wrong: Ask your significant other for honesty. Allow them to explain their thoughts and feelings as to why they may have strayed and broken your trust. Once you’ve established what was missing within the relationship, you can work towards moving forward.

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2. Leave the past in the past: If this is the person you truly want to be with, then rebuilding the relationship is a priority. Once you’ve talked about what went wrong, begin moving on from the situation. Try to go out and experience new things together and build memories that you can feel confident looking back on. Plan date night once a week and pick somewhere new to check out each time!

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3. Put in the effort: If talking it out together just isn’t working, then maybe try seeking professional help. If Timberlake and Biel are making it work with couple’s therapy, maybe you can too!

What are some ways you’ve rebuilt trust in your relationship? Start a conversation in the comments below!