Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Temptation Island’ Host Mark Walberg Shares His Thoughts on Season 2 and Physical Infidelity vs. Emotional ConnectionCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Temptation Island’ Host Mark Walberg Shares His Thoughts on Season 2 and Physical Infidelity vs. Emotional Connection

Interview by Lori Bizocco. Written by Hope Ankney.

Mark Walberg (not to be confused with film actor Mark Wahlberg) is an American actor, on-air television personality, and talk show host known primarily for Antiques Roadshow, The Moment of Truth, and both the original (Fox Network: 2001) and the modern reboot (USA Network: 2019), Temptation Island.  Walberg’s time on Temptation Island is split between acting as the host and being a relationship confidant who couples go to for guidance through all kinds of relationship struggles they experience on the show. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Walberg offers our visitors his thoughts on the second season of the show, and some dating advice for any couple going through hardships.

In our celebrity interview with Temptation Island’s Mark Walberg, get season 2 sneak-peeks, dating advice, and tips on emotional connections.

Temptation Island is a reality show that follows four couples who are struggling in their relationships and can’t decide whether to call it quits or not. When they arrive on the island, they are separated and put onto different parts of a beautiful island for four weeks, where they are tempted by other relationship options. The show has seen booming success since the first season of its reboot aired at the beginning of 2019. With season two premiering just a few weeks ago, the drama-filled show has only turned up the heat with its steamy antics.

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A season that Walberg claims is “really on steroids” as far as content goes, he explains that what ends up happening with these couples isn’t scripted. The producers aren’t in charge of turning the heat up, despite the drama escalating quickly this season. According to Walberg, it all depends on the couple and their personal journey. For example, Ashley G. slept with someone in the first episode, and that’s something that just didn’t happen in the first season of the show.

Walberg likes the idea of producers not being in control, because it allows him to be more open and vulnerable with the couples. In the second episode, Walberg has a conversation with Rick about Ashley’s infidelity, saying that he’s sincerely hurting alongside Rick. He takes his role with the couples very seriously, admitting, “I want the best for them. I’m very well aware that it’s probably not going to go the way that they hoped or thought they could control, but the bigger question, to me, is always about yourself. What brought you here? It’s not about the other person.” He expands on this statement, explaining how he handled his discussion with Ashley G., hinting that she has great remorse about hurting Rick in later episodes.

When asked if a couple can come back from something like what Rick and Ashley G. are going through, he provides some great advice about the differences in every couple and how they handle hardship. According to Walberg, every couple is unique and thinks differently about their relationship. If you’re talking about two people who have built a foundation from an on-again off-again dynamic, it’s obvious that the couple has been able to forgive one another and get back together after past conflict. Walberg is serious when he asks couples, “Do you think you can come back from this?” He says, “When you sit and break it down, there’s a lot of grey area between the black and white. I know that people watching at home are like, ‘If anybody did that then it’s over,’ but relationships with these people are years long and unique to them.”

Watching season 2 of Temptation Island, we observe events like David’s threesome, Ashley’s infidelity, and then cases like Casey’s where he claims that his relationship with Ashley H. is weak, stating, “I could break-up with her and be fine.” Does that raise questions about what really hurts more, physical infidelity or emotional connection? Walberg seems to think that a lacking emotional connection is much scarier than a physical in fidelity. Physical intimacy doesn’t always cause a bond to form, and he agrees with viewers who believe that emotional connections are the ones that are lasting.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Temptation Island’ Host Mark Walberg Shares His Thoughts on Season 2 and Physical Infidelity vs. Emotional Connection
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Despite our curiosity, Walberg remains tight-lipped about who he thinks will survive as a couple and who he’s rooting for, but he does touch on the growth he’s seen from both Rick and Ashley H. He thinks that Rick’s backstory of being a playboy is interesting when you see how he grows throughout the season. He even singles out Ashley H. and applauds her for her development from being extremely sensitive to radiating a sense of strength by the season’s end.

In fact, Walberg explains that the island is a vehicle for couples to seek answers in different facets of their lives. “For some guys that require self-love, and sometimes [they] just do things I can’t figure out. But, my hope is that everybody leaves the island feeling like the experience helped them grow in some way or another.” If the couples are committed to going to the island, there is a sense of self-reflection that they have to go through and work on. It’s a natural process that happens on its own for every couple.

With shows like Temptation Island, it can be an addicting experience for the audience. So, it isn’t surprising that fans become attached to the show, because they see parts of themselves or their relationship in some of the couples on screen. People can relate to wondering whether or not they’re settling in their relationship. It’s easy to empathize with the struggles when it comes to finding your “person.”

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Relationship struggles are a reality for all couples, and Walberg stresses the importance of communication to overcome those low points. Not all folks can hop a plane and become part of a reality show to fix their problems, he says, but, “If you can talk about it, you’ve got a shot. Talk it out, and if you need to find professional help to talk it out, that might be the best way.”

And, speaking of communication, Walberg is still in touch with the entire cast from season 1 through Instagram! He says he’s still friendly with all of them, pointing out, for instance, that Evan reached out to him personally when he and Morgan announced their engagement.

So, what can we expect from upcoming episodes? Walberg wasn’t very forthcoming on this, but he told us to keep a watch on the dynamic between couples shifting from potential love interests to supportive friends, as well as seeing romantic connections grow. And, get ready for some entertainment! According to Walberg, the final bonfire is “pretty riveting.”

Stay tuned! If Walberg’s insight is anything to go on, Temptation Island is about to get insanely entertaining.

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