Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Mood FoodsCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Mood Foods

By Emily Green

Ever get in those moods where you want to eat only a certain type of food? Whether it’s ice cream, pizza, smoothies, etc, more and more popular restaurants and companies are advertising their products to be eaten when someone wants to feel a certain type of way.

Everyone has their go-to mood foods. It’s a great food trend that everyone can make their own! What are some moods where these foods can be the perfect boost?

Cravings can fall in directly with the type of mood we are in. Whether we are happy, sad, etc, there is a food that is perfect for the type of mood we’re in. Here are some of Cupid’s moods where these foods can be a great boost:

1. Feeling happy: Having a great day? Feeling like it’s time to treat yourself? Grab some dark chocolate as a snack. Dark chocolate is a great snack full of antioxidants, but also is known to reduce stress hormones.

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2. Feeling sad: If today hasn’t been the best day, you deserve some “you” time. Sit back, relax and grab your favorite tub of ice cream. Ice cream is notoriously known to help people feel better when they’re feeling down, so grab your favorite flavor and chow down!

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3. Feeling lonely: When people feel lonely, many tend to actually overeat. Rather than chowing down on your favorite junk food full of calories, opt for some pretzels or pita chips and hummus. It’ll fill you up quick, and will still have your body feeling healthy.

4. Feeling tired: Need a pick-me-up before your long day at school or work? Rather than trying coffee, opt for a drink made with matcha. Matcha will give you that energy boost to keep you awake and alert throughout your entire day.

What are some other moods where mood foods help give you that boost you need? Let us know in the comments below!