Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Rolled Ice CreamCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Rolled Ice Cream

By Megan McIntosh

It’s not really a food trend unless it’s Instagram-able, and rolled ice cream is definitely pretty to look at. This unique dessert originated in Thailand and has made its way to the United States, becoming especially big in cities like Los Angeles. This sweet treat allows all the flavors to be rolled into one in a special way.

This new Thai food trend is taking over our taste buds:

Here’s what you need to know about this rolled ice cream phenomenon:

1. It’s fun to watch: You get to see your ice cream treat being made right in front of you. The worker pours a milk-based liquid (there are vegan options) on an extremely cold metal surface. Once it freezes into a creamy texture, they can add your chosen toppings and flavors, scrape it flat, and roll it back up into a cup.

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2. It’s like you get to play with your food: Or rather watch someone play with your food. It’s definitely an Instagram moment to watch the flavors you chose come together on the frozen metal. Once it’s rolled up in your cup, you can eat it with a spoon. If you really want to get a taste of all the flavors, though, try eating it with chopsticks. It’s a fun challenge and a chance to eat the ice cream as is without smashing everything further.

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3. Stir-fried ice cream is its nickname: What? Though this ice cream is not made in a hot wok, the idea is similar. Instead of stir-frying it, you’re churning it with metal knives. Eating this treat is a chance to try a dessert from abroad without getting on an airplane.

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