Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Millennial Flavors to WatchCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Millennial Flavors to Watch

By Megan McIntosh

These days, most people are all about trying that next best food trend so that they can share it on Instagram or post their discovery on YouTube. Millennials are especially unafraid to try new flavor combinations that may make the average diner hesitant.

Millennials are all about adventure and trying new things, so it’s no surprise that this food trend is all about millennial flavors to try out!

Millennials tend to be all about bold, big flavors, so this list of flavors to watch should come as no surprise:

1. Sweet and savory: Millennials love a more complex palette, and this is illustrated in their need to try unusual flavor combinations. Some popular ones include: Bacon and chocolate, Proscuitto-wrapped melon, and the doughnut burger.

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2. Spicy: There’s been an emergence of the need for spicy food, and the spicier, the better. There’s challenges on YouTube of young people trying to eat spicy Korean ramen as they battle sweaty brows and burning tongues. The ghost pepper is also a fun one to incorporate into your meal.

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3. Ethnic: Millennials love to expand their knowledge of different cultures and travel the world. Sometimes money makes it difficult to see every place, but trying the foods from around the world gives millennials a chance to try a variety of foods from the comfort of their city. Thai, Indian. Filipino, Japanese, French, there’s no food that’s untouchable.

What do you think are some flavors to watch out for? Share below!