Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: Top 5 Bakeries You Need to Try in NYCCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: Top 5 Bakeries You Need to Try in NYC

By Megan McIntosh

New York City is definitely a popular tourist destination for people all over the world. There’s so much to do and see. You can check out Broadway or try for a celebrity sighting. If you are headed to New York City as a travel destination, then it’s certain that one of the reasons you’re probably going is for the food. But whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or dessert, you can’t go wrong by checking out New York City’s bakeries.

Travel Destination: Heading to New York City for a girl’s weekend or a week of relaxation and tourist fun? Cupid has five bakeries to try.

There are a variety of shops and bakeries to choose from when you’re visiting NYC. You really can’t wrong as long as you see people shopping inside. However, Cupid has the top 5 bakeries in NYC based on reviews.

1. Buttercup Bake Shop : Located in Midtown East, this bakery has been reviewed by people who say you’ll definitely be satisfied if you stop by. The majority of fans seem to rave about the cupcakes, calling them moist with an icing that’s to die for. This is definitely a bake shop for those with a sweet tooth as they also have meringue, cakes, and cookies. But make sure you’re wanting to eat these sweets on the go as it’s a small shop, and get there early so you don’t miss out on the variety.

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2. Veniero’s: Located in the East village, this Italian bakery has been reviewed by over a thousand people. This is the place if you want to go somewhere with history, as this has been in the family for a while with third generation owners. This place is so good that people come from out of state to get their cheesecakes and fruit tarts.  Check it out if you want a great selection where you’re sure not to be disappointed.

3. Bagels & Schmear :Located in flatiron, this bakery is a breakfast dream come true. Open at 6am, they’re ready to feed you at the earliest hour. With a variety of cream cheese spreads and bagels, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your tastebuds. It’s got the bang for your buck, especially in NYC.

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4. Simit Sarayi: Located in Midtown East, this bakery is actually a Turkish bakery. Try the Turkish version of a bagel called a Simit which is basically a thinner and bigger bagel glazed with sesame seeds. It’s definitely a treat and a stand out from the rest of the choices on the block.

5. Patisserie Chanson: Located in Flatiron, this Patisserie greets you with baked goodies as soon as you walk in. They have coffee, ice cream, and a dessert bar at night. Come on the weekend and enjoy afternoon tea with the girls.

What are the top bakeries you’ve been to in NYC? Share below!