Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 5 Beauty Micro-Trends to FollowCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 5 Beauty Micro-Trends to Follow

By Katie Sotack

Instagram micro-trends and YouTube beauty gurus are begging you to splash on the color and dare to be bold. has pronounced “This is the season to not play it safe”. And given these micro-trends are small, cheap, and non-time consuming even the most minimalists among us can embrace these looks. Get ready for the trendiest aesthetic that’ll get all the likes and retweets.

From the tip of your hair to the point of your toe, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these micro beauty trends sure help put the whole package together.

Think of micro trends as the bricks that build a house. A shabby foundation can throw off the whole appearance. Taking time to embrace these fun trends will tidy up your look. Here are the micro-trends everyone’s trying this summer.

1. Multi-colored mani: No longer does a manicure need to be monotone. Instead of using your precious time to whittle down which color you’d like, opt for 5 or 10 different ones. This manicure adds a whimsical note to all your looks. Amplify your easy-breezy babe aesthetic by rocking every one of your favorite colors.

2. Graphic eyeliner: Like the 80s’ beauty trend, micro trends are embracing bold, graphic eyeliner. Draw straight lines or dots along the length of your lid. If your really brave try neon graphic eyeliners, which have become popular through HBO’s Euphoria. But Euphoria star Zendaya has always been an eyeliner visionary. Pick a photo and mimic her creative eyeliner looks until you find your perfect liner.

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3. Complementary colors: This summer is about getting artsy with makeup. You are Picasso and your face is the canvas. Rock complementary colors (blue/orange, yellow/purple, or red/green) along your top lid and bottom lash line. The opposing colors will pop against each other and brighten your eyes. The look is perfect for date night.

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4. Green eye shadow: If opposing colors are too distracting, but you’re still seeking to make a statement, try green shadow. Greens come in pastel, metallic, and jewel tones so they have wide appeal across all skin tones. This trend is a great way to go, but be sure to keep other makeup minimal as to not muddy the effect of the vibrant green.

5. Breezy bob: The bob’s been back since the mid-2010s since celebrities like Lucy Hale, Karlie Kloss, and Jennifer Lawerence let their stylists chop off their luscious locks. The breezy bobs will take your look to another level when the wearer adds ombre or highlights to lighten the overall hair color. Able to be worn curly, straight, or wavy the bob is a vacation from hairstyling that’s still trendy.

Which micro trends are you excited to try? Share in the comments below!