Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Khaki & Beige, Plain No More!Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Khaki & Beige, Plain No More!

By Katie Sotack

Say “goodbye” to the flashy, logo-driven wardrobes you’ve seen over the past few years. According to, this Fall’s 2019 fashion trend will be beige on beige. While you might be tempted after the glitz of sequins, feathers, and neons (oh my!) to accuse beige of being boring, think again. Classically cut neutrals have historically stood the test of time from Audrey Hepburn to Taylor Swift. This fall there’s plenty of reason to dive into the beige trend that look timeless in photos for decades to come.

Beige will be making its way to the fashion runway this fall. To follow this fashion trend, what are some ways to incorporate neutrals into your wardrobe?

Beige’s comeback reminds us that fashion is fluid. What’s trendy must always be measured against what works for our personal style. Here are some fashion tips for incorporating neutrals with your own personal flare:

1. Work with what you’ve got: If you’re a fan of color and cringe at the thought of giving up your hard earned colorful closet, incorporate what you own with the beige trend. Neutrals often make a great base for colorful accents and expressions throughout the rest of the outfit.

2. Remember the statement piece: Just because we’re not demanding funky fashion from these silhouettes doesn’t mean you can’t be playful. Add charm to your classic cuts and beige on beige with statement earrings or a dazzling necklace.

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3. Go for classic cuts: Street wear has become popular in recent years, but we’re circling back to timeless cuts. This isn’t a call to end comfort. Instead of tight leggings try a straight legged slack which will give your legs breathing room.

4. Mixing and matching: The task of finding clothes the work together becomes much easier when you’ve opted for simple cuts and beige or khaki bases. The entirety of your wardrobe will match and you’ll never be known as the person whose outfits clash.

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5. Color block your beige tones: the beige look doesn’t require the wearer to be completely mono toned. Pair different shades of beige together to create a dynamic and fluid look which will add to the dimensional quality of your look.

How do you work beige into your wardrobe? Share in the comments below!