Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Beige Is Making a ComebackCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Beige Is Making a Comeback

By Mara Miller

It has been an interesting year so far for fashion trends. With everything from ostrich feather skirts to circus fashion and pastel eye shadows, 2019 seems to be the year for an abundance of color. In short, the more eccentric, the better. No one probably expected beige, a plain old color you usually might envision on khakis, to start making a comeback. This is great if you aren’t into the more eccentric trends that have been popping up in the fashion world.

This fashion trend calls for beige, beige, beige. If you’ve been searching for a more refined alternative, incorporating this neutral color into your wardrobe will do the trick!

Wearing beige to embrace this fashion advice goes beyond a cute beige skirt or a sweater. You can use other items and accessories to make yourself stand out. Here’s how beige is making a comeback:

1. Jumpsuits: A jumpsuit is one of those items you can bathe yourself in beige head to toe with. Jumpsuits have come back recently in fashion as a super trendy must-have, so why not get it in beige and spice it up with a black metal bracelet? A jumpsuit is an item you can try out the color with and put very little effort into looking fabulous. Cinch it with a belt and you’ll look super chic.

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2. Accessories: Shoes, purses, hair accessories: If you don’t want to go full-on beige, we recommend finding the perfect accent. Beige goes well with blacks and blues, and whites. Pick your favorite colored top and match it with a beige purse and pair of shoes. If you want something subtle, try a hair clip with a half up/half down hairdo. And if you err on the side of liking the bolder fashion, don’t be afraid to experiment with beige and bolder colors. The important part is that you have fun!

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3. Beige trench coat: Originally used during World War I by soldiers in the trenches, a trench coat is one of the iconic clothing items everyone should have in their wardrobe. Traditionally beige or khaki, a trench coat can help carry you through all seasons since there is usually a removable liner inside. They have deep pockets, are double-breasted, and have a belt you can tie in front or allow to hang loose, depending on your mood and the day’s weather. Be sure to try on a few different shades to find something to match your skin tone!

What are some other ways you’ve found beige making a comeback? Let us know in the comments below!