Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Take Page from the CircusCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Take Page from the Circus

By Mara Miller

Fashion designers love a good circus theme in their fashion trends. Historically, aspects of this trend have appeared in the form of flowers, animals, and watercolor paintings. Let’s not forget the ’80’s, either. We’re not talking wacky size 18 shoes or wild red noses, so if you have coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), no need to steer clear of this fashion advice. Circus fashion is meant to be playful, bright, and colorful, with a balance between normal clothing and circus-themed pieces.

In this fashion trend, take a page from the circus!

1. Oversized blazer: Circus fashion has always had overstated pieces. Picking a brightly colored blazer and suit pants will bring a pop of color to your wardrobe on the days you need an extra pick me up.

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2. Ruffles everywhere: At the height of clown fashion, ruffles can be seen on most shirts. You don’t have to go insane with the ruffles, but a more subtle ruffle around the neck of a nice top will give you a hint of clown fashion.

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3. Polka dots: Who doesn’t love a good top with polka dots? They are always fun, whether you choose to use classic white dots on black, or choose a more colorful option.

4. Embellishments: Find a clutch that has colorful beads, or an anklet with tiny stars. Remember, it doesn’t have to be overstated if that isn’t what you like.

5. Rainbow EVERYTHING: No, we aren’t talking rainbow wigs. You can go with a muted romper that has thin rainbow stripes. Or rainbow shoes. Or a shirt with a rainbow and carousel on it. Just be sure to balance it with something normal, like a pair of jeans or a plain handbag so you don’t look like you walked straight out of a circus.

What are some other ways you can incorporate pieces from the circus into your wardrobe? Share your ideas below.