Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Gender-Neutral Clothes for KidsCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Gender-Neutral Clothes for Kids

By Courtney Shapiro

Fashion is constantly changing, and it’s only fair that the fashion world can keep up with people who are all shapes, sizes, and genders. In 2019, gender is demonstrated on a spectrum rather than something definitive. A fashion trend that largely appeals to people in 2019 is gender neutral clothing. Take a look at our fashion advice on how kids can make their wardrobe more enjoyable as well as showcasing their identities.

Check out our fashion tips on how to shop for gender neutral clothing for kids.

1. Let them pick their own clothes: When your kids are old enough to start picking out their clothes, let them. You shouldn’t force your child to wear items they don’t feel comfortable wearing. Trends change all the time, so it’s important for your kids to know that they have a sense of individuality.

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2. Try neutral patterns: Polka dots and stripes are super easy patterns that can still be stylish without directly being identified as a male or female style. Find pieces that your child really enjoys wearing.

3. Don’t shy away from color: In 2019, pink and blue aren’t really identified as girl or boy colors anymore. Anyone is allowed to wear any color they like and shouldn’t be shamed for wearing something that makes them feel good.

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4. Opt for basic silhouettes: When going shopping for gender neutral clothing, go for styles that don’t have as much frill or aren’t fitted right to the body. Girls’s clothes tend to be more form fitting, but if you choose items such as sweaters, or t-shirts, you won’t have to decide between male or female.

5. Let your kids be kids: Don’t fuss too much over your kids wardrobe choices. They’ll pick what they want to wear and what the best option for their own identity. You can choose their clothing until they are old enough to do it themselves, but remember their happiness is more important.

How do you incorporate gender neutral clothing into your kids wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!