Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 80’s Beauty is BackCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 80’s Beauty is Back

By Katie Sotack

After the deaths of music legends like David Bowie and George Michael in 2016, culture veered toward the ’80’s aesthetic once more. In 2017, bands like Paramore and 1975 borrowed the 80’s glam rock from recently passed icons to honor their memories. In 2019, the beauty industry is following suit with bright colors and big hair. Geometric shapes and metallic glitter hit the Paris runway in an all-out tribute to ’80s trends of the past.

80’s Beauty Trends are back. So what are ways to make this tribute to the past wearable to school and work in the 21st century?

The ’80s glam rock look relies on a larger than life persona. The Paris runway didn’t hold back on this promise. Sadly, most of us don’t walk the runway for a living. We require more subtlety to our aesthetic in our beauty tips. Here is fashion advice to get the ’80s glam look while still being wearable every day:

1. Geometric shapes: Don’t be afraid of geometric patterns and shapes for your makeup. Rock a pointed cupid’s bow or a shapely eyeliner. Your wardrobe can take after this makeup look, too. A bold colored and sharped shaped blouse is a perfect ‘wear-to-the-office-’80s’ statement piece. For everyday wear, pick up a pair of geometric sunglasses. Not only are they essential to the ’80s trend, but thanks to Audrey Hepburn, big sunnies are also timeless. So invest wisely into this pair.

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2. Neon colors: The ’80s are marked with loud colors and makeup. When picking out an outfit or makeup, go bold! To make this look wearable in an office setting try to limit the bold to one statement per fashion and makeup each. An example is a neon pink blouse with gray trousers and a bold lip with subdued eyes. Play around with what you feel comfortable in and what your office will allow.

3. Leggings are pants: The ’80s are back, so let’s end this debate right here. In celebrating the decade that brought us upbeat music and neon leg warmers, we cannot ignore its staple leg style. A pair of basic black leggings will take you far in life, whether they’re worn for Saturday errands or Tuesday’s spin class. Grab yourself a pair and flaunt it.

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4. Downplayed ’80s makeup: As stated before, balance is essential to a modern 80’s appearance. Choose one product to amp up (eye shadow, lips, blush, etc) and let that feature rejoice in the color while keeping the rest of your face natural. Take a hint from makeup artist Peter Philips who recently styled the models for Viktor & Rolf. Philips drew immense metallic spider eyes on his models but left the face and lips a natural pale.

5. Volumize Hair: If you tease it you will look dated. Instead, opt for a volumizing shampoo set and gel to pump up the crown of your luscious locks. Playing with your part will help to amp up the volume on top of your head as well by not letting it wilt into place. The natural volume of curly hair is a great way to increase the appearance of hair mass and embrace the ’80s trend.

How do you make the 80’s fit into your modern life? Share in the comments below!