Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Jack Fruit & Other Ocean Inspired FlavorsCupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Jack Fruit & Other Ocean Inspired Flavors

By Katie Sotack

Summer may be over, but your ocean journey has just begun. Pacific foods are trending in 2019, meaning that the sand in your shorts has faded but the salt on your tongue lives on. Fruits like Jackfruit, a tropical Indian food reminiscent of the fig family, will be popularized in organic supermarkets such as Whole Foods. According to the juicy jackfruit isn’t the only tropical flavor we can look forward to in our food tips.

With ocean-inspired foods on the rise, how can we bring pacific food tips for a tropical summer palate to our cozy fall dinners?

When eaten, oceanic foods taste like an impossibly hot day ending in a juicy bite of fruit. Or a homey barbecue while the pool water dries off your tanned skin. The flavors are a journey to a tropical paradise where relaxation meets comfort eating. With all this sensual indulgence from these foods, you might wonder how it can meet with the hearty meals of fall. Here is food advice for this food trend.

1. Embrace the meats: Given you’re a meat-eater, this is a quick way to satisfy the fall craving for hearty goodness with ocean-centric flavors. Filipino pork sausage, a popular pacific food, would be a perfect substitute for traditionally western meats like beef in a recipe. Switching out your regular meats to an ocean nation’s foods will add a twist to any plate.

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2. Seafood: There’s nothing yummier than oven-baked salmon. With a splash of sea salt and a butter-based sauce, sea meats are a wonderful transition meal from summer to fall. Popular on pacific islands for its accessibility, seafood is filling, healthy, and spot on-trend. To fulfill the hearty fall hopes you may have for this dish, pair with a starchy carb like potatoes.

3. Don’t forget the veggies: This food trend is not an excuse to ignore your fiber-filled friends on the plate. After you’ve got the base of your meal with oceanic meat, fill up on dark greens suggestive of the ocean. Kale, which became a popular fad in American about a decade ago, is the perfect add on that’s also easy to find in your local market. If you’re willing to do some hunting, get your hands on wild plants native to pacific regions. Try out a fiddlehead fern or cow parsnip.

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4. Dessert: Last but certainly not least is the pacific desserts we’ve all been waiting for. Do not fill up on heavy cakes and pies. Rather take a tip from our ocean-living friends, and end your meal with small berries and tropical fruits. Certain summertime fruits like plums, strawberries, and watermelon may be more difficult to find out of season. However, put a fall spin on your after-dinner layout with blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranate, which are easier to find in the fall.

How will you incorporate ocean foods into your fall recipes? Share in the comments below!