Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: The Science Behind Baby FeverCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: The Science Behind Baby Fever

By Bonnie Griffin

Whenever you see a cute new baby cooing you might feel a profound sense of “baby fever,” or a desire to have a baby of your own. Baby fever is often passed off as a fleeting thought, and people don’t often think of this thought as an emotion, but science shows that it is as real as any other emotion you may experience. Baby fever may feel stronger under different circumstances, like when you see a happy baby, or a bit more faint when you are around a crying baby or unhappy child.

Parenting Trend: Baby fever is an emotion as real as any other.

Every time you see a baby, or you get on social media and all your friends are posting pictures of their children, you feel a sudden need to have a baby of your own. A desire to hold a tiny life in your arms and nurture and love them. This is a natural part of life and real emotion that most people experience throughout their lives. The number one factor is often simply being exposed to babies being cute. Let’s take a look at this parenting trend and check out some of the reasons why people get baby fever:

1. Peer pressure: Peer pressure plays a role in people’s emotions causing feelings of baby fever. When we reach adulthood and many of our friends and family members are having babies, they often begin to hint, or outright say that it is time for us to do the same. Family members may often add to this feeling of pressure to have children, like parents insisting it is time for you to make them a grandparent with plenty of parenting advice.

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2. Society: Society has certain “norms” we all feel pressured to meet from time to time. Once you reach a certain age or you get married it is as if you feel this invisible weight on your shoulders saying you should take certain next steps, and one of those steps is having a baby. Your subconscious can play into this need to meed societal norms with feelings of baby fever.

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3. Biological clock: Women have a finite time to have children before it becomes difficult. Our bodies have a biological clock that reminds us when we’re ready for kids. Baby fever is sometimes our body’s way of saying it is time for us to have our own babies before the opportunity passes us by. It can also be a combination between our biological clock reminding us that it is time to pass on our genes, and cultural influences telling us we need to have children.

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