Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Weighted BlanketsCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Weighted Blankets

By Rhodesia Williams

The latest parenting trend you should be looking into is weighted blankets. These blankets, originally designed for children diagnosed with Autism, have made their mark in the world of relaxation. Children and adults have grown fond of these stress relievers. With being able to create your own, people all over have fallen in love with these custom blankets.

Weighted blankets are the new parenting trend when it comes to relaxation. Why are these new blankets all the rave and how do they work?

1. Create your own: Imagine being able to cuddle up with the perfect blanket. Luckily, these heaven sent covers allow you to design them yourself. From the material to the weight, enjoy customizing your own blanket. Surprising your child with a custom blanket will not only excite them, but it will show them that you were thinking of them. Knowing what your child likes also helps to create the perfect gift.

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2. Reduces stress: Because the blanket has some weight to it, researchers say it’s like being held or even hugged. Ultimately, the weight acts as a pressure which then calms your child without you even having to touch them. This blanket will help to eliminate any anxiety or restlessness that your child may suffer from throughout the night. No more restless nights! Not only will your child sleep, but you will be able to rest as well. Sounds like a win- win!

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3. Worth it: With so many sleep aid options, this may be the least invasive and totally worth it. Although the blanket can be pricey, just imagine the amazing sleep your child will get. Initially, the target consumers were children with Autism, but the popularity of the blankets have spread. Think about it; no trips to the doctor’s office, no medications, and most importantly, no more late nights.

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