Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Tips to Leave in the PastCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Tips to Leave in the Past

By Megan McIntosh

Do you remember when you last tried an old wives’ tale because you thought it was solid parenting advice, but it didn’t work? It might have even made the situation worse. We now know some advice our elders swore by is best left in the past.

Cupid shares parenting advice that’s best left in the past.

We’ve all heard one of these parenting tips from either our parents or grandparents when they want to help us with our children. Sometimes the best thing you can do is agree and move on. Here are a few things we should all leave in the past:

1. Spanking: Your parents might have spanked you when you were a kid. They probably thought it was the most effective way to punish you. Society now understands a child can’t understand your explanation, nor can they connect spanking as a consequence of their wrong-doing.

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2. Chicken soup for colds:¬†Your parents probably made a bowl chicken soup for you when had a cold while you were still a kid. Chicken soup has no actual medical value to cure your illness. Soup as a comfort food when you’re sick will make you feel better mentally. It won’t get rid of your cold. Best to stick to medicine.

3. Put some alcohol on your teething baby’s gums: You know this is a risky remedy. Alcohol in any form is bad for your baby. Give them a teething ring or some baby’s aspirin instead.

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4. Do as I say: This is a frequent statement you might make to your kids, “Do as I say, not as I do.” You might realize that the best lesson is a visual one. Show your kids your good behavior and they will imitate you.

What are some old wives’ tales about parenting that you no longer listen to? Share below!