Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Fun Summer Date IdeasCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Fun Summer Date Ideas

By Krystle Kotara

Love is in the air this summer and you have enough days left to embrace the glorious sunshine with a thoughtful and romantic day out. Whether you’re getting intimate on a summer’s evening or exploring the local theme park, there are plenty of activities to get your heart racing. Here’s a guide to five fun summer date ideas for you and your partner:

In this dating advice, relationship expert Krystle Kotara has some great summer date ideas.

1. Open-Air Movie Screening: Attending an open-air screening is a perfect way to make the most of the sunny weather. There are plenty of movie screenings that take place in the summertime, ranging from modern classics to new releases. This date is all about the atmosphere, so you don’t have to be a movie fanatic to enjoy the day. Grab some popcorn, pop open some champagne, and lose yourself for a couple of hours. Pick an evening show and cozy up to your partner under the stars.

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2. Watch the Sunset: This summer date night idea involves putting on some comfortable shoes and taking a hike in the afternoon. As it gets later in the afternoon, head to a secluded spot and watch the sunset. You can make it a special date by bringing a picnic and blanket to settle in for the evening. There’s nothing more romantic than indulging in delicious food and wine while waiting for the sun to go down with your partner by your side. Take selfies with your phone to make the memories last forever.

3. Rent Bikes: If you don’t own one already, rent a bike and take a ride around the local area to explore parts of your hometown that you’ve never seen before. Some of the greatest summer date ideas are best left unplanned, so go wherever the moment takes you. When you see things that look interesting, take a break to marvel at your discoveries.

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4. Go to a Theme Park: Theme parks are best enjoyed in the summer, so hop in the car to a nearby fairground and allow nostalgia to set in. To make it more of an adventure, take a trip to a theme park further afield that you haven’t visited. Once you’ve worn yourselves out on the rides, you can finish off this summer date idea by satisfying your sweet tooth with delicious cotton candy while browsing the stalls.

5. Visit a Botanical Garden: Ignite your senses with gorgeous colors and delicate scents and get lost in stunning botanical gardens this summer. You’re in no rush, so take a long stroll around the beautiful flowers and plants, enjoying the scenery. Grab a bite to eat and cup of coffee in the café for a relaxing end to your day.

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