Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: Old-Fashioned Summer FunCupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: Old-Fashioned Summer Fun

By Sarah Batcheller and Mara Miller

When you were a kid, there was nothing like summertime: no school for two months, water balloon fights, the classic Slip ‘N Slide, and frequent pool days. Just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you and your boo can’t enjoy some throwback fun! Follow this dating advice to enjoy all the summer activities you reveled in as a child.

Check out this fun summertime date idea!

Water balloon fights are an excellent activity for a big group, so get your honey to grab his friends while you invite yours and initiate a water war on this weekend date idea. Pinterest has tons of ideas for planning an epic water fight, so all you need is a good-sized backyard and the will to clean up all the balloon scraps when you’re done! Water balloon fights are the perfect opportunity for the two of you to be extra flirty as well. Take advantage of the constant surprise attacks and your sexy, soaking wet man!

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Slip ‘N Slides may have been the token summer toy in the 90’s, but they’re still for sale. All kinds of Slip ‘N Slides can be found on Amazon. They make a great gift, so you can surprise your lover with one and then put it to good use. Chances are, you’ll start reminiscing about the fun times you had playing on a Slip ‘N Slide as a kid, which will make for an especially romantic date. Don’t fret if it’s rainy outside: The Slip ‘N Slide is fun in the mud too!

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Let your inner child come out to play when you follow this love advice and visit your neighborhood pool. Sunbathing is fun, but laying there in silence next to your partner isn’t as exciting as a splash fight or ordering ice cream cones from the snack bar. Indulge in all the things you would’ve enjoyed when you were younger, and you’ll both be overcome with giggles — which we all know is the way to bond. If you want to spend the entire day at the pool, pack a picnic, books, and water guns. You’ll never have a moment to be bored!

What were your favorite childhood summer activities? Tell us in the comments below!