Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Finders KeepersCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Finders Keepers

By Sarah Batcheller and Mara Miller

The beach is exciting and romantic no matter what, but if you’ve ever wanted to add an additional air of adventure to your trip, follow this date idea and try using a metal detector! You and your lover may find some hidden treasures while out and about…or, at the very least, find some less valuable trinkets to laugh about. Metal detecting is something we usually only see on movies and television shows, but in actuality, it’s a beloved pastime for a lot of people, many of whom have found it to be very lucrative.

Dating Advice for Your Next Trip to the Beach

If you are a frequent beach-goer, it’s likely you have a routine down every time you visit the shore: Spread out the towel, lather on the sunscreen, hit the water, and then return to sunbathe. Why not add a bit of exploring to your next day at the beach? The level of anticipation will allow you and your honey to grow closer as the excitement grows too.

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For this weekend date idea, you’ll want to make sure you know how to use your equipment before you go searching in the sand. Talk to someone at the sporting goods or department store before going wild with your metal detector — you’ll need to know all its features in order to achieve optimal results. Researching metal detecting tips beforehand will not only be fun for you and your sweetie, but it’ll allow you to enjoy your day even more.

It’s important that you pick a proper location when considering this dating advice. Head to a beach that is known to be crowded at times, but go during off-hours. That way, there will be more opportunity for precious metals to be lost, but you won’t have to weave in and out of the crowd to find them. Whichever beach you choose, consider speaking with the locals before digging in; they’ll have more knowledge on where people have found impressive items in the past.

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To make this date idea even more exciting, have a competition with your loved one to see who can find the most valuable or more ridiculous items. You can even compete to see who can bring back the best gifts for each other. If you really want to make a day out of it, invite other couples to join you in your treasure hunt.

Ever use a metal detector at the beach? Tell us what you found!