Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Bring the Groove Back With Tie-DyeCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Bring the Groove Back With Tie-Dye

By Bonnie Griffin

You may never have guessed that tie-dye would be making a come back and setting a fashion trend in 2019, but it has made its way to runways and high-fashion shops. According to, tie-dye is “set to be one of the hottest trends for summer.” Move over free-spirited hippies from the 1960s, because tie-dye is making its way to the fashion runways and helping people bring their groove back.

Tie die went from a staple in the past, making us think of hippy style and good times, to a staple in today’s fashion trends. How can you use tie-dye to bring your fashion groove back?

If you like to dress in the newest fashion trends hot off the runways, then look no further than some die and the white button-up hidden in the corner of your closet. Cupid has some fashion advice on how you can take your plain outfit to new fashion heights and get your groove back with a bright, tie-dye top:

1. Reimagine an old white shirt: If you’re like me then you have one white top tucked away in your closet that you almost never wear. You bought it on a whim, deluding yourself about how you would keep it clean, and that turned out to not be true. Don’t worry. Grab that old white shirt and hit up your local craft store so you can turn it into a beautiful tie-dyed fashion piece that will be sure to catch your friends’ attention. Pair it with some cute cargo pants, your favorite sunglasses, and a brightly colored tote and you’re ready to wow everyone this summer.

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2. Button downs: Want to really take your tie-dye fashion trend to the next level? Throw on a tie-dyed button down with a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, and pair it with some bright heels, or sandals adorned with flowers like roses. Grab a small, brightly colored clutch, and you are ready for a night out where you’ll be turning heads.

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3. Tie-dye pants: There is no rule that says tie-dye has to only come in the form of a shirt. Turn your old comfy jeans into a beautiful pair of tie-dyed pants. Pair them with an elegant, neutral-tone flowing top and matching necklace, and throw on your favorite neutral tennis shoes or flats. If you want to really add that extra dash of fashion know-how, finish the ensemble with a matching hat.

What are some ways you would wear tie-dye in today’s fashion universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.