Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: African PrintsCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: African Prints

By Megan McIntosh

There’s a unique fashion trend that’s becoming more popular in the Western world these days. African prints is a general term encompassing the colorful and fun fashion of many countries in Africa, which is recognized for bold colors and patterns. These prints have caught the eye of people in America, but it can be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into your wardrobe at first.

Are you interested in trying out this cultural fashion trend in your own way? Here are some ways to show appreciation and put your own spin on this trend.

Wearing this fashion trend is all about balance and making sure to show cultural appreciation at the same time. Rock these African prints and you can channel your inner Beyoncé.

1. Try rocking a bold blouse: If you’re nervous about wearing an entire outfit with the colorful patterns of African print, try picking out a bold blouse. Keep everything else neutral. Wear black or tan shoes with a black or tan skirt. That way there’s not too much happening in your outfit that can make it hard to balance out your outfit.

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2. Start off with some earrings: Wear some jewelry that include an African Print design on it, like dangling earrings. The strong patterns on the earrings will give your outfit a bit of pop without feeling too loud or standing out too much. The earrings become the focal point of the outfit so you’re sure to get some compliments on them.

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3. Go all out: If you’re ready to stand apart from the crowd, then go all out. Rock an African print dress or tunic. The bolder the print and the brighter the colors, the better to get everyone’s attention. Keep your shoes and jewelry more neutral so that your African print outfit is the star of the show.

What are some ways you incorporate a unique pattern into your outfit? Share below.