Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Bradley Cooper Enjoys a Boys’ Night in L.A. After Irina Shayk SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Bradley Cooper Enjoys a Boys’ Night in L.A. After Irina Shayk Split

By Bonnie Griffin

In the latest celebrity break-up news, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk split. According to, Cooper “was spotted with pals at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California on Monday evening.” After four years together, the celebrity couple called it quits a few days earlier, and it looks like Cooper was happy to spend some time with his friends to blow off the stress of the break-up.

In celebrity break-up news, Bradley Cooper shook off some split stress with a night out on the town with his guy friends. What are some ways to cope with a very recent split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Break-ups can be stressful and often come with a lot of heartaches. The best ways to cope with a recent split can be different for everyone, from hanging out with your friends to eating ice cream from the carton. Cupid has some advice on coping with a recent break-up:

1. Lean on your friends: Sometimes the worst thing you can do after a split is to sit at home alone and dwell on the past. Take this time to spend time with your friends. Go out, dance, and let them help you take your mind off of your break-up; let them be there for you the way you’d be for them if the roles were reversed.

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2. Stick to a routine: A break-up can make you feel like the rug has been pulled from beneath your feet. It can be easy to get lost in your sadness and focus on the loss, but sticking to a schedule will help you avoid getting lost in a long crying abyss even if it is something as simple as setting your alarm, taking a shower at a specific time each night, or whatever helps you keep moving forward.

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3. Express yourself: Feeling lonely or upset and sad is normal after splitting with your partner. Take some time for yourself and find a way to express your feelings; don’t keep them bottled up because you could wind up exploding when you least expect it. Draw, paint, or just keep a journal so that you can get your feelings out in a healthy way.

What are some ways you cope after a break-up? Let us know in the comments below.