Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Fans Think Lady Gaga Is Defending Bradley Cooper After Celebrity Break-UpCupid's Pulse Article: Why Fans Think Lady Gaga Is Defending Bradley Cooper After Celebrity Break-Up

By Katie Sotack

Recently, news of Bradley Cooper’s celebrity break-up with Irina Shayk broke. According to, rumors had been flying that Cooper’s A Star Is Born costar Lady Gaga contributed to the couple’s tension and demise. Gaga, who was performing in Vegas when news of the split arose, gave a speech about trying to change others before singing her and Cooper’s duet, Shallow. It may be a stretch, but fans are certain of Gaga’s hidden message about Cooper.

This celebrity break-up has a lot of rumors surrounding it. What are some ways to keep gossip from making your break-up worse than it actually is?

Cupid’s Advice:

Rumor mills never stop turning. They can be hurtful and amplify situations for the worse. Here are some ways to keep ahead of the gossip about your breakup:

1. Make a clear statement: Once news of the breakup hits you’ll have to have a go-to explanation prepared. Make it unbiased and appreciative of your ex-partner if you want to minimize the damage and potential gossip.

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2. Stay Facebook friends: If you and your ex are on good terms stay friends on social media. Apps like Facebook and Twitter have the added perk of a mute option. That way the breakup can be amicable online, but you won’t need to see their posts everyday.

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3. Keep it light, but honest: When you’re pressed for more information, don’t get worked up. Be honest about the way you feel, but not accusatory or angry. This way you’ll stay authentic but positive about your ex-partner.

How have you avoided bad blood after a breakup. Share in the comments below!