Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Ups: Lady Gaga Breaks Silence on Split from Ex-Fiance Christian CarinoCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Ups: Lady Gaga Breaks Silence on Split from Ex-Fiance Christian Carino

By Katie Sotack

Lady Gaga wowed audiences in Las Vegas this past weekend with star-studded covers and a monologue of personal feelings. Gaga opened her song “Someone to Watch Over Me,” with a brief statement about her breakup from ex-fiance, Christian Carino. She said, “Last time I sang this song, I had a ring on my finger, so it’ll be different this time.” According to, the split happened back in February, and this is the first she’s spoken about it publicly. Her confession moved the audience, and she proved she’s a singing star with or without Carino.

In celebrity break-up news, Lady Gaga finally addressed her split from Christian Carino. What are some ways opening up about a break-up can help you move on?

Cupid’s Advice:

Staying silent about pain in your life is not always the best plan of action. It can build up until you explode in ways that aren’t pleasant. Cupid has some ways opening up about a split can help you move on:

1. Talk to loved ones: Ending a relationship also drops the levels of intimacy you once had. Open up to your loved ones to quench your need for intimacy and vulnerability through other trusted people in your life.

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2. Redefine yourself: For the past *insert-relationship-length-here*, you’ve been branded as a couple. Post up your best selfie and re-introduce yourself to the world as a a single. Meaning you’re just you and that’s enough.

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3. Get physical: Don’t be afraid to tell your friends “I just need a hug right now”. Pump up a feel good hormone, oxytocin, by admitting you miss a physical connection with your ex. Then, get hugging.

How has opening up about your breakup helped to kick start the healing process? Share in the comments below.