Cupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: Get Your Country OnCupid's Pulse Article: Love Advice: Get Your Country On

By Emma L. Wells and Bonnie Griffin

Put on your cowboy boots, because this date idea will have y’all traveling to a dude ranch! You’ll have a barrel of laughs as you ride horses, stop by the rodeo, and even learn to square dance.

Pick Up New Skills with This Country-Themed Date Idea

For this date idea, you and your partner will head to a nearby dude ranch. They have a lot of fun weekend activities for you two to enjoy. Channel your inner cowgirl and boy as you’re taught how to ride horses and use a lasso. You might even catch a rodeo. Whether you’re horseback riding through mountain trails or hiking along a river, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with each other and with nature. Take this dating advice and make sure to snap lots of pictures so your friends and family can see how much fun you had.

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Some dude ranches offer a variety of sports activities, including archery and horseshoes. Why not turn it into a fun competition? You can even rope in (pun intended!) another couple and make some new friends. Ranches that are near lakes or rivers will often have canoeing and fishing too. If it’s a hot day, take advantage of these water activities and cool off!

Next, it’s time to get your country music on. You’ll be sure to wrangle his heart as you spin each other around the dance floor and learn to square dance. Your relationship and love will grow as you and your significant other try to keep up with the quick pace of the tunes. You two will impress your friends next time you pull out your new moves; you might even have a secret talent for it.

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Don’t forget to dress the part too! Because these are mostly outdoor activities, you don’t want to wear anything too nice. You’ll be comfortable in jeans and boots or sneakers. If you plan on getting on a horse, make sure you’re wearing long pants. Bring a cowboy hat if you have one!

You and your beau will have a blast on this country-themed weekend date idea. Doing something outside your comfort zone will help you connect on a totally new level. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of great pictures and lots of happy memories together after the day is done!

Have you and your honey ever visited a dude ranch? Tell us below!