Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get ThriftyCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Get Thrifty

By Amanda Boyer and Mara Miller

Guys usually can’t stand when they’re dragged on a shopping trip. They end up complaining as they wait around, holding your purse and bags of brand new clothes. To keep your man interested, put a little twist on your next day out. To follow this date idea and dating advice, look for gently-used clothing and accessories at your local thrift stores! You can buy budget-friendly items while making some new memories with your other half.

Go Thrift Store Shopping with This Date Idea!

Before you go shopping for new goodies, go through your own closets and donate items that you no longer need. Many of these shops even offer an in-store credit for donations, which can save you money during your shopping spree. You’ll appreciate your new purchases even more if you made some extra room in your closet beforehand!

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Now, it’s time to decide where to go on this date idea. Sites like can help you navigate and find stores near you to visit. You simply enter your zip code or city and search for the closest spots near you. Once you get your list, you can check out an array of information about the stores, including what type of clothes they currently have and their hours. As you browse their websites, maybe you’ll be inspired to look for 80’s gear for an upcoming party or try to find that perfect pair of jeans you’ve been wanting.

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Once you decide your destination, you can check out other spots nearby by downloading the mobile app, Yelp. After you work up an appetite from shopping, look for one-of-a-kind restaurants and check out their reviews. You never know what hole-in-the-wall spots could be to-die-for according to the locals.

Have you ever gone thrift shopping with your cutie? Share your memories below!