Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Hunt for LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Hunt for Love

By Amanda Boyer and Mara Miller

Easter is just around the corner! Who says you can’t act like a kid for the day? Searching for homemade treats and sweet notes from your beau is an easy way to enjoy the holiday and strengthen your relationship.

Easter Weekend Date Idea

To get started on this weekend date idea, bake some sugar cookies and decorate them with pastel frosting and Easter images, like colorful eggs, bunnies, and spring flowers. If you want to make something a bit more challenging, you can check out  for recipes for chocolate-covered Easter eggs and rocky road candies. Once they’ve cooled, wrap them in saran wrap with pretty pink and blue bows. To follow this dating advice, hide them around the house in places your partner may not expect, like the back of his t-shirt drawer or behind his favorite book on the bookshelf. When your man’s sweet tooth hits, tell him to start hunting!

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To make this date idea a bit more personal, grab a pen and a pad of paper to write a few love notes. If you have it handy, use Easter or springtime-themed stationery. For inspiration, Google “love quotes” or “famous movie quotes” and steal some lines from your favorite writers and actors. You can tie these sweet sentiments to your baked goodies.

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If you’d rather not hide your presents around the house, create a grown-up Easter basked instead. In addition to your cookies, candies, and love notes, buy your sweetheart that video game he’s been wanting or surprise him with a gift card to your go-to date night restaurant.

If you really want to get in the Easter spirit, spend the day with your nieces and nephews or with your friends’ children. Their infectious giggles are sure to get you in the mood for an exciting egg hunt! Even if you don’t have little ones, it’s a wonderful time to spend with your family. After a morning spent alone with your significant other, get together for a home-cooked brunch and remind yourself of how blessed you are.

Happy Easter!

How do you celebrate Easter with your love? Tell us your best dating advice in the comments below!