Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Give Yourself an At Home PedicureCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Give Yourself an At Home Pedicure

By Haley Lerner

With summer starting, we know you love to rock your cutest flip flops and sandals. But, fun open-toed shoes also mean your feet are going to be on display. So, it’s important you pamper your toes so they look cute with your favorite shoes. Sure, you could go to a nail salon to get a pedicure, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, it can be super expensive. Instead, we’ve got the beauty tips to give yourself the perfect at home pedicure.

Here are some beauty tips to give yourself a relaxing at home pedicure:

1. Soak and scrub: Before even picking out your nail polish, it’s important you prepare your feet for their special treatment. First, soak your feet in an Epsom salt-infused bath of warm water for five to ten minutes. You can also add some sea salt or essential oils to take the foot bath to the next level. Then, use a pumice stone or exfoliating foot scrub to buff out your feet. Exfoliate your heels and the bottoms of your feet in a gentle circular motion to remove any dead skin. Then rinse your feet off and pat them dry.

2. Smooth and shape: After your relaxing foot bath, it’s important you apply moisturizer to your feet to help lock in moisture and make your skin feel soft. Then, clip and file each toenail into your desired shape and buff out the top of your nails to create a smooth surface for your polish. Also, use a cuticle stick to gently push back your cuticles.

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3. Set your base: First, swipe a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover over each toenail to remove any excess oil, moisture and lotion before painting your nails. Then, apply a thin coat of a clear base polish and let it dry.

4. Time to paint: Pick out your favorite polish color and apply two coats of it to all of your toes. Make sure to wait two minutes between each coat. Also, don’t be afraid to take your time so you don’t smudge anything!

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5. Top it off and dry: Finish off your at-home pedicure by applying a fast-drying top coat to your toenails. Then, put your feet up, turn on your favorite TV show and let your toes dry for at least an hour to avoid any annoying smudges.

Have any more tips for the perfect at-home pedicure? Comment below!