Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 5 Face Masks to TryCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: 5 Face Masks to Try

By Rachel Sparks

Fall is coming. That means sugary delights, flavored coffees, chunky sweaters, and all those knits you’ve been dying to wear for the past six months. That also means dry skin, and what’s worse than a flaky face? Celebrities like Kendall Jenner always have glowing skin, despite the season. How do they do it?

Follow this beauty trend, and check out our winter season face mask recommendations for all your skin care needs.

Our skin needs change as seasons move on. Age, hormones, stress, and make-up all add their set of troubles. When choosing a mask, focus on what your skin needs and what issue you want to target. Whatever your concern, be it wrinkles, hydration, brightening, lifting, or acne, we’ve got your introduction to masks.

1. Honey and coconut mask: Soothe those winter wrinkles with this double-power hydrating mask. Winter dries you out and no matter your age, those cold winds wear down the skin. Give your skin a break by re-hydrating, brightening, and lifting with a honey coconut mask.

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2. Moisture bomb:  For ultimate hydration, try a sheet mask. Sheet masks are the newest beauty trend and are worth trying; you’ll fall in love! They cool, soothe, hydrate, and decrease puffiness. For extra hydration, don’t wash your face immediately after taking off the mask; let your skin soak up as much moisture as it can.

3. Brightening mask:  Brighten your skin for that healthy summer glow all winter long. Look for paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free masks to avoid further chemical pollution. Continue use weekly, or as needed, until you find your skin to have that photo-ready glow.

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4. Purifying mask:  Clay masks used to be all the rage, and for this clarifying option we urge you to return to that trend. Letting the clay rest on your skin brings toxins to the surface, and whether it’s a peel or scrub off type of mask, both options rid your skin of contaminants for a clear complexion.

5. Mud firming treatment:  Mud masks are great outside of the spa, too. They pull the skin inward, tightening loose sections and reducing age lines by years. reproduce spa day at home for a return to a younger version of yourself.

How else do you combat the winter-weathered look on your skin? Let us know in the comments below!