Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Up Your Nail Game For SpringCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Up Your Nail Game For Spring

By Jessica Gomez 

Some of us tend to slack off in the winter when it comes to our beauty routines (guilty!). However, Spring is here, and we have to up our nail game quick. We all love beauty tips, so get ready for some you can put to good use!

Check out these beauty tricks and tips! Your nails will thank you.

1. Weekly Manicures: You can either go to a nail salon or get a nail kit and give yourself a manicure at home. It’s important to stay on top of your nails so that they always look up to part. Once you get yourself into a weekly routine, it’ll be easier to keep up.

2. Nourish your nails: Apply olive and castor oil to moisturize and strengthen your nails. Dab the oil onto your nails with a cotton ball and leave on for 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and hand soap after. You can do this three to four times a week. You should also use a nail strengthening polish in addition to this beauty regime, to not only strengthen your nails but also help them grow. It’s perfect to apply when you need to let your nails breathe by giving them a break from nail polish.

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3. Eat foods high in protein: Nails are made of protein, so eat plenty of it. Healthy foods like spinach, almonds, broccoli, beans, and avocado are among the many foods you can eat!

4. Wear gloves when cleaning: Constant exposure to water and harsh chemicals can wear down your nails. Invest in a pair or two of gloves and use them whenever washing dishes and doing any other type of cleaning where you come in contact with water and cleaning products. Also, don’t forget to apply lotion to your hands after. To go a step forward, you can also change your cleaning products to cruelty free ones (products that don’t test on animals) since they use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals — better for you and better for your home!

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5. Don’t abuse your nails: People constantly abuse their nails without really realizing what they’re doing. Avoid nail biting, peeling off nail polish, and using your nails as tools (to open things, for example). Things like these cause trauma to your nails, and that’s no way to pamper them! Time to lose these habits.

6. Keep it trendy: What’s in this upcoming Spring? A lot! Here are some favorites! You can never go wrong with nude colors — they’re simple, delicate looking, and cute. Bright colors like orange, blue, and purple are also great for Spring, and they’re attention grabbing. What’s also attention grabbing? Metallic gold and Ombrés! Use different shades of a metallic colors, brown and beige themes are nice. And ta-da, you now have an excuse to wear five different colors when you can’t decide on a shade! has a long list of specific styles to rock this Spring!

Taking care of your nails is essential. We use our hands a lot, so our nails tend to suffer. Give them the respect and pampering they deserve. It takes some work, but it’s not rocket science! Create a routine for yourself and stick to it!

What is your routine for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful? Share below!