Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Colored EyelinerCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Colored Eyeliner

By Melissa Lee

The beauty world is constantly changing, and sometimes it feels a little difficult to keep up. On top of that, it can get easy to get super bored with your every day makeup routine. A solution to both of these worries comes in the form of 2017’s hottest beauty trend — colored eyeliner! While it may sound a little intimidating, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to rock this look, regardless if you’re looking to go bold or subtle. Head below to check out ways to wear colored eyeliner this season.

Check out some of Cupid’s beauty tips on how to rock colored eyeliner below!

1. Start light: If your every day makeup look is relatively neutral, try starting with white eyeliner. This look has been rocked by celebs like Kerry Washington, who made white eyeliner look super classy on the red carpet. Paired with a natural eye look, line the your eyelids with white eyeliner. If you’re feeling a little bolder, try a cateye by adding small flicks to the ends.

2. Blue is the new black: Lady Gaga is notorious for ditching black eyeliner for blue, and has been showing this look off on her tours. Take a page out of Gaga’s book with this neon dream. Sweep a fun eye shadow color over your lids (green, pink, even purple) and pair with neon blue eyeliner on your waterline.

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3. Multicolored: Looking for something even crazier? Try this out: multicolored liquid eyeliner. Emily Ratajkowski showed this amazing look off at this year’s Met Gala and it was a hit! Her makeup artist blended together two different liquid eyeliner colors (blue and green) and lined her lash line. Extend the eyeliner a little past your lids for a cute cateye look and you’re all good to go!

4. Reverse it: Dianna Agron tried reverse eyeliner out on the red carpet last year and we’re obsessed! She lined her lids with regular black eyeliner (a cateye, of course), but made a bold statement by sweeping neon pink eye liner on her waterline. This graphic look is guaranteed to standout, especially when paired with neutral lips and face makeup.

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5. Sharp and clean: If you want the colored eyeliner to be the complete star of the show, consider trying this look out. Line the tops of your lids with a fun eyeliner color (blue, red, maybe even purple too!), and call it a day. Apply some mascara to your eyelashes and finish with a dewy, natural face.

What colored eyeliner look do you want to try out? Leave your thoughts below!