Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Style: Affordable Alternatives to Designer FootwearCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Style: Affordable Alternatives to Designer Footwear

By Jessica Gomez

If only we could all shop without looking at the price tag. Luckily, there are affordable alternatives to designer brands that can satisfy your cravings for celebrity style. When it comes to your fashion sense, you don’t need to limit yourself this autumn! Get the celebrity look you want for less with the alternatives we suggest! The list doesn’t end here either, there are tons of ways to get the stylish, expensive looks without spending all your bucks.

Here are five affordable alternatives for different types of footwear to rock instead of those that put a dent in your wallet. Fulfill your celebrity style needs without a worry:

We are excited to share the following affordable alternatives to designer footwear with you, and not only because we are looking out for your pockets but also because these alternatives are ethical! You got that right — they’re not made from animals. No suede, no leather — just good ol’ synthetic and man made material. Who says you can’t look great while caring for animals¬† at the same time?:

1. Pumps: Let’s say you want stylish pumps like the Louis Vuitton Suede peep toe ones, which cost $345.00, but cannot afford it — then have no fear. There are many other pumps you can get to achieve the look you;re going for. For example, you can opt to buy the Lois Platform pumps from the Journee Collection.¬†These cost much more less than half the price, tagged for $39.99 at DSW.

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2. Wedges: If you want let’s say Gucci wedges, which are very expensive, and search for them at a site like PoshMark, you can still find them pretty expensive. On the site they’re sole for $300 instead of $500, which can still be out of our budget. Instead, you can go for the Black Cork open toe ankle strap wedges from FSJ, costing you $79.99, yeah much less that $300.00. Yes, get ready to look super cute!

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3. Flats: Want pointy cute flats like the ones from Giorgio Armani? Well, there are many alternatives, one of them you can get from H&M! Yup, and because it’s made of 100% polyester, it won’t hurt your pocket one bit and you can be happy knowing that no animals were hurt fr your shoes!

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4. Sneakers: Oh, how we want comfort and style! Craving some white sneakers like the ones from Versace? This is a simple fix. Head to DSW to get sneakers from a designer that is much less cheaper than $466.00. You can get the Lenox sneaker from Toms. They both look similar and this one just costs $59.99, saving you $38 from the competing price and much more from the top designer price. Oh, yeah.

Which ones do you want to get? Comment below!